As I write this, I sit on a blanket at Cathedral Park, overlooking the river on one of the first sunny days in weeks. Looking around I see people walking their dogs, reading on the grass, taking photos with friends and laying on the grass, enjoying the view. It’s a beautiful day and I’m glad […]


March 12, 2018

Permission to Bask in the Sun


The simple definition of flow is to move with the stream. I’m choosing to call this stream life, and I’m following flow. It’s been less than a week. Last Friday, I met with my friend Lilly at a local taqueria for our mastermind talks. Thirty minutes into the conversation, I was saying out loud what […]


March 9, 2018

Following Flow


I know what it sounds like. Like a wishy washy no-focus, giving up excuses answer. I get it. I’ve been telling myself this over a year. Opening myself up to the “what could be” feels like something that should have been hashed out in senior year of high school. I am all too familiar with […]


March 4, 2018

The What Could Be


It’s a Saturday night around 8:30 as I sit here and type this blog post. Something that has been on my to do list for quite some time. It’s one of the steps I have to help me get back to my center. Just like clearing out my voicemails, going through my emails, closing out […]

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November 18, 2017

The Year Long Small Business Mental Break


This post might be a little late, by oh, over 2 week. But late is better than never. But Hey Folks, it’s 2017! Happy New Year! Alright, this post is more than a little late. But this weather makes us all slow down [see photo above]. But this is something that I really love and […]


January 17, 2017

My Best New Year Plan


Let’s be honest, this is kind of a unique post.  First of all, all the shoots featured here are based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Second of all, all these sessions are actually family sessions! Yes, that’s right: I actually shoot family sessions…occasionally. Way back in the day, (aka, 3 years ago) I was your will-shoot-anything-under-the-sun-photographer.  Little […]


December 29, 2016

The Las Vegas Portrait Sessions